Posted by: scottoncapecod | August 13, 2008

It’s Time To Take Control of Your Water.

Let’s face it, our town water departments are doing the best job they can to deliver water to everyone in system.  They are asked to determine just what the proper level of treatment must be for “today’s” water mix based on their best assumptions for water demand each day.

Now you can take the water delivered to your home by the town and make it your own personal water!  Home Run Water allows you to take the best efforts of your towns water department and improve the quality and consistency of YOUR water right in your own home. That’s a “Home Run”!

Homeowners can also take their own so-so well water and improve it to their own highest standards. Your water can be clear, certified safe, and thirst quenching. Your in control, go ahead, hit a HOME RUN!

Posted by: namretaw | February 21, 2009

How Safe Are Plastic Containers?

Plastic bottles and plastic storage containers that we use everyday have a dark side. Some are safe and others leach cancer-causing chemicals into your food and water. These plastics are broken down into three (3) levels of risk. The bottom of each container has a recycling number displayed in a triangle.

Containers with a 3,6, or 7 on the bottom are the most dangerous of all. They contain a dangerous and volatile chemical called BPA, and should be avoided at all costs.

Containers with a 4 or 5 on the bottom are generally considered safe. But you should probably use them sparingly. And you should never use them to microwave.

Containers with a 1 or 2 on the bottom are the safest. These include clear water containers, as well as most cloudy containers you normally find water and milk in. These containers, called PETE and HDPE, are safe for storing food and drink. But again, you should never use them to microwave.

With better self education and a conscientious effort to shop smartly we can all have a better chance to live healthier and hopefully longer. We can no longer just fumble about thinking that there is nothing unsafe in our little world. The Food and Drug administration doesn’t have the man power to keep track of every single thing that affects our lives. We must become smarter and wiser so that we can better deal with some of the most important issues in our busy 21st century world.

Posted by: namretaw | February 17, 2009

Chemistry 101

Don’t be nervous, this won’t hurt, just some lite facts about the water we take for granted.

Water is quite simply a very unique life sustaining liquid. We take our everyday use of it for granted; although we would be hard put live more than three (3) days without it and still have any quality of life. We would most likely be dead by the fifth day if we didn’t have some form of water to drink. The healthiest water to consume is within a PH range of 6.8 -7.8. Water below a PH of 7 is considered acidic and a PH 7.1 an higher is considered to be alkaline. Water that is slightly alkaline is agreed to be the most advantageous for proper Human Chemistry.

When water is acidic it begins to dissolve any form of mineral or metal that it comes in contact with. When water dissolves too much mineral and, or metal the taste becomes an irritant to us and we begin to drink less and less and we run into a water deficit. Most of us will switch to another liquid such as soda, fruit juice, flavored water etc. to quench our thirst. Clear natural water is the only liquid that our body can use to properly fill our body chemistry needs. You can drink all forms of liquid but you’re not meeting your body’s need for water.

Bottled water is preferred by many as a quality replacement but the problem is that it most of the time comes in a plastic bottle. Water should be pure and stored or carried in a glass or stainless Steele container. Water stored in this way is not subject to outside contaminants entering through the plastic bottle  membrane. DRINK TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH!

Posted by: scottoncapecod | February 3, 2009

Clean Water is So Important

For decades we were told that low PH water was not a concern for human consumption and that metals in solution such as copper, iron, lead, aluminum, and even mercury were only minor issues. Years of experience, in human anguish, have now shown us that what is in the water we use is very important to the quality of human life.
We now know that these heavy metals in solution are potentially very dangerous to those who daily drink and use this seemingly clear pure water. Low PH water dissolves almost any natural mineral or metal that it comes in contact with. Sand, which is a form of glass, is about the only thing that low ph water can not dissolve. We are now learning that these heavy metals tend to end up in human brain tissue. Long term exposure can kill brain cells and this alone doubles your risk of Parkinson’s Disease. Only recently has our body PH been seen as an issue of concern. It is now quite clear that low body PH damages our cell structures, very much like free radicals, possibly leading to some forms of cancer. Most people would be experiencing better everyday health and potentially longer life if their body PH were more basic or alkaline rather than acidic.