Posted by: scottoncapecod | August 13, 2008

It’s Time To Take Control of Your Water.

Let’s face it, our town water departments are doing the best job they can to deliver water to everyone in system.  They are asked to determine just what the proper level of treatment must be for “today’s” water mix based on their best assumptions for water demand each day.

Now you can take the water delivered to your home by the town and make it your own personal water!  Home Run Water allows you to take the best efforts of your towns water department and improve the quality and consistency of YOUR water right in your own home. That’s a “Home Run”!

Homeowners can also take their own so-so well water and improve it to their own highest standards. Your water can be clear, certified safe, and thirst quenching. Your in control, go ahead, hit a HOME RUN!



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