Posted by: scottoncapecod | February 3, 2009

Clean Water is So Important

For decades we were told that low PH water was not a concern for human consumption and that metals in solution such as copper, iron, lead, aluminum, and even mercury were only minor issues. Years of experience, in human anguish, have now shown us that what is in the water we use is very important to the quality of human life.
We now know that these heavy metals in solution are potentially very dangerous to those who daily drink and use this seemingly clear pure water. Low PH water dissolves almost any natural mineral or metal that it comes in contact with. Sand, which is a form of glass, is about the only thing that low ph water can not dissolve. We are now learning that these heavy metals tend to end up in human brain tissue. Long term exposure can kill brain cells and this alone doubles your risk of Parkinson’s Disease. Only recently has our body PH been seen as an issue of concern. It is now quite clear that low body PH damages our cell structures, very much like free radicals, possibly leading to some forms of cancer. Most people would be experiencing better everyday health and potentially longer life if their body PH were more basic or alkaline rather than acidic.



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