Posted by: namretaw | February 21, 2009

How Safe Are Plastic Containers?

Plastic bottles and plastic storage containers that we use everyday have a dark side. Some are safe and others leach cancer-causing chemicals into your food and water. These plastics are broken down into three (3) levels of risk. The bottom of each container has a recycling number displayed in a triangle.

Containers with a 3,6, or 7 on the bottom are the most dangerous of all. They contain a dangerous and volatile chemical called BPA, and should be avoided at all costs.

Containers with a 4 or 5 on the bottom are generally considered safe. But you should probably use them sparingly. And you should never use them to microwave.

Containers with a 1 or 2 on the bottom are the safest. These include clear water containers, as well as most cloudy containers you normally find water and milk in. These containers, called PETE and HDPE, are safe for storing food and drink. But again, you should never use them to microwave.

With better self education and a conscientious effort to shop smartly we can all have a better chance to live healthier and hopefully longer. We can no longer just fumble about thinking that there is nothing unsafe in our little world. The Food and Drug administration doesn’t have the man power to keep track of every single thing that affects our lives. We must become smarter and wiser so that we can better deal with some of the most important issues in our busy 21st century world.


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